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Mere om produktet

Hammer mill Skorpion 800 is designed for disintegrating chips and other pre-shredded wood waste as well as straw, hay, paper etc into a very small fraction.

Charge hopper measuring 500 mm in width and 200 mm height allows vertical drop feeding of charge material. The cutting system of this mill consists of a drum with 90 hammer knives. Configuration of the appropriate number of blades and the diameter of holes in the screen determine regularity and size of the final product.

The mill is equipped with a control switchbox performing the functions of switching on and off, operation and overload control; additionally it can be also provided with a special electronic system of duty control - this anti-stress system protects the cutting group against excessive load through temporary stopping the in-feeding. The machine is driven by a 75 or 90 kW electric motor.

Skorpion 800 can cooperate with belt and worm conveying systems. The standard set of devices incorporated includes: a mill, control switchbox, loading conveyor  and, on request, an exhaust-pressure fan for receiving the shredded material.

The final product made by hammer mill Skorpion 800 is perfect for production of briquette and pellet, and for burning in pulverized-fuel boilers.


Teknisk specifikation


Hammer mill Skorpion 800

Overall dimensions (length x width x height) [mm] 1270 (5700)* x 2000 x 2150
Weight [kg] 1990 (2450)*
No of hammers 90 + 12 supporting
Speed of feeding [running meters/min] regulated
Efficiency of chipping [stère meters/h] depends on material
Width of chips [mm] up to 12 - regulated by screen
Dimensions of inlet (width x height) [mm] 500 x 200
Diameter of cutting drum [mm] 685 - work 835
Revolutions of cutting drum [rpm] 1480
Method of feeding belt conveyor - 5,2m
Main engine power [kW] 75 or 90
Power of engine on feeding conveyor [kW] 1,5
()* - dimensions, weight with conveyor.


Equipment included:

  • control switchbox
  • loading/feeding conveyor
  • electronic anti-stress system